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RP Marketplace Launches First B2B Platform for Professional 3D Printing

April 7, 2014 | Category: Industry Insights

Mahwah, New Jersey — April 7, 2014 — RP Marketplace, the only online platform specifically designed for businesses to source and manage professional rapid prototyping services, announced today that it has officially launched to the public ( For the last two months, RP Marketplace has been on-boarding professional 3D printing service providers (referred to as “Suppliers”) to its website, which allows businesses (referred to as ‘Buyers') to access Suppliers' services.

RP Marketplace Launches First B2B Platform for Professional 3D Printing

RP Marketplace's unique online platform enables businesses of all types to not only post their projects and receive bids, but also fund and manage their projects through an integrated secure escrow payment system. One of the platform's distinctive features is the ability to create project milestones, each of which can be funded and completed individually.

“Our goal is to streamline the process of sourcing professional rapid prototyping services for small to medium size businesses that don't have the time or money to setup and maintain top-of-the-line machinery needed to produce professional prototypes,” said Steven Jaffe, Founder and CEO of RP Marketplace. “One of the ways RP Marketplace has done that is by integrating helpful tips into the bidding and hiring process. These not only educate Buyers about the types of rapid prototyping services available, but also provide useful information about the suggested materials and printers, as well as what differentiates each Supplier.”

Over 25 professional Suppliers have already signed up for RP Marketplace, ranging from mid-size niche prototyping companies, to larger engineering firms, offering a wide range of in-house design and prototyping services. RP Marketplace will continue to focus on securing Suppliers from most major regions in the US in order to ensure businesses can source locally if preferred.

While RP Marketplace is currently concentrating on professional 3D printing and design services, they are planning to expand into other rapid prototyping-related service markets, such as 3D scanning, rapid injection molding, and rapid casting.

About RP Marketplace, LLC

Founded in 2013, RP Marketplace is an online platform that allows businesses to source professional Suppliers for rapid prototyping services. Small to medium size businesses, startups, and inventors tap into the RP Marketplace network of professional Suppliers, sourcing quality rapid prototyping and design services. Businesses can manage all aspects of their projects on the platform, from file management to secure financial transactions between them and the Suppliers using RP Marketplaces built in escrow payment solution. For more information about the new RP Marketplace platform, please visit