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Hype Versus Reality in Additive Manufacturing

February 8, 2016 | Category: Applications

Dustin Lindley from the University of Cincinnati Research Institute explained that while there is significant hype surrounding additive manufacturing, its real potential is growing rapidly.

Hype Versus Reality in Additive Manufacturing

It is not magic. But it is remarkable. It is also poised to revolutionize the use of manufacturing materials.

That is the current state of the additive manufacturing industry, as explained by Dustin Lindley from the University of Cincinnati Research Institute.

Following his presentation at the Additive Manufacturing Conference, Lindley joined IMTS TV to talk about the hype surrounding additive manufacturing, as well as the realities of the groundbreaking technology.

“People think that additive manufacturing is some sort of magic—that you can build anything or produce anything,” said Lindley. “It’s a tool like any other, and there are limitations.” These limitations mean that there are certain features and structures that simply cannot be built using additive manufacturing.

Although additive manufacturing is not magic, the technology has made enormous progress in the last ten years, particularly in the area of materials, Lindley noted. For Lindley and other leaders in the industry, one of the most anticipated developments in the coming years is the next generation of materials.

Today, the additive manufacturing industry still largely uses materials that have been used in other industries for decades. Lindley predicted that in the next five years materials will be developed that are tailored specifically to the additive manufacturing process and have improved capabilities. Innovations in materials will allow additive manufacturing to move beyond replicating what has come before and push boundaries in areas like medical technology and aerospace, he concluded.

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